Collaborating on Deliverables


Collaborating on Deliverables is an essential aspect of assessing the success of a given project, and for connecting Insight Consumers and Creators to aid each other in taking the decision or action which will deliver positive outcomes. Use the chat functionality embedded within the deliverables page so that you can record discussion against individual request deliverables. This provides an incredible level of granular data on the post project follow up process. You should work with your Consumers and Creators to consider discussing;

  1. Ways to improve similar insights in the future.
  2. Discuss recommendations around actions and decisions.
  3. Provide feedback on the quality and utility of the work.
  4. Discuss the outcomes attained from a given project.

Collaboration on deliverables can be managed both remotely and face to face in Brijj using the same processes. The advantages to doing this through Brijj is that discussion around each deliverable can be recorded, and associated against each request.

How to collaborate on a deliverables in Brijj

  • Go to either the the Creator or Consumer Kanban, available in the top left of your screen.

  • Go to the Done or Rated column and find and click on the relevant card for the request you wish to collaborate on.

  • Go to the Discussion area on the Deliverables page and start a conversation. This conversation thread will remain open going forward, and notifications will be sent to each participant.