Accepting or Rejecting a Proposal as a Consumer


Accepting or rejecting a proposal in Brijj is easy. Once requirements have been built and submitting for approval it is the responsibility of the Consumer to fully check and finalise approval of the work. You may have recieved a notification in your Notification centre informing you of the need to approve a proposal.

How to accept or reject a proposal in Brijj

  • Go to the Consumer Kanban, available in the top left of your screen.

  • Go the 'Proposal' column and click on the relevant card for the request you need to approve.

  • Review the Requirements and conversation of the request and make a choice whether you wish to approve or reject the proposal. Go to the bottom of the Requirements Overview and Building Area and click on either 'Reject' or 'Approve'.

  • If you choose to 'Reject' enter your reason into the 'Reject reason' field and press 'Reject proposal' if you wish to proceed, or if you no longer wish to reject the proposal click 'Close'.
  • If you proceed with the rejection, the primary creator will receive a notification informing them of this, and the request will move back to 'Requirements' on the Kanban.

  • If you choose 'Approve' the Creator will be provided with a notification, the request will move to 'In Progress' and the work will commence.