Summary Page


Brijj is easy to use and navigate. The Summary Page is the first section of an active request. It is used to provide an overview of a given request before and during the requirements building phase of a project.

Navigating the Summary Page in Brijj

The first section of the Summary Page is the Request Title.

The second section is the request navigation menu. Clicking Summary, Requirements, or Deliverables in this section will take you to the relevant page should they be activated / available.

The third section is 'Request Actions'. Here users can assign, cancel or reject requests depending on their user type.

The fourth section is Summary Overview. Here you will see the information entered into a request when it was created.

The fifth section is 'Request Status'. Here you will see the current status of a given request.

The sixth section is Request Info . Here you will see the information related to the request including Primary Consumer and Creators, Created, Updated and due dates, Status, Cancel / Rejection Reasons.