The Menu Bar


Brijj is easy to use and navigate. The Brijj menu bar is the primary navigation area within Brijj. 

Menu Bar

The first section is the Consumer Kanban (left) & Creator Kanban (right) buttons:

The Consumer Kanban is where you request work to be completed and where work you have requested is shown. The Creator Kanban is where work that is to be completed by you, your team, department or organisation is shown. The Consumer Kanban button is available for all users, however the Creator Kanban button is only available to Creators and Admins.

The second section is the Dashboard view. This is where overview data and visualisations on your own and your teams work is viewable.

The third area is the Learning & Notification centre. This is where you will see relevant Onboarding / Training content, links to the Knowledge Base, and In-App notifications

The next section is Profile & Settings. This is where users can amend their own personal settings, system settings and Log Out of Brijj.