Signing up for Brijj as a Creator


To sign up as a Creator on Brijj, you must have been invited via email. The email will have been sent from the '' account with the subject line containing: "You have been invited to join Brijj by" followed by the name of your organisation. If you've not received an invite, please request one from your Brijj Admin.

1. Accept your invite via email

Once you have received your invite please click on the Accept Invite Button by the date indicated in your email.

2. Create password

You'll be taken to a sign up page as below. Enter your password (be sure to use a secure password) and provide your First and Last Name as indicated.

3. Provide Information during Onboarding Process

You will now be taken through an onboarding questionnaire which sets Brijj up for your first time use:

  1. You'll be asked to provide detail on the types of technical skills you possess and the tools you use in your organisation. You must choose one in order to move on and you can add multiple options.
  2. Double check your First Name, Last Name
  3. Enter your current role / Job Title in the Organisation
  4. Choose which Department you are a part of in your Organisation. If your Department is not available, add any option and then please contact your administrators to have your department added to the available list.
  5. Click 'Finish'
  6. Click 'Go to Brijj'


Next Steps: In app Onboarding through the Learning Centre